For The Grace That Keeps Us Breathing Today为着今天仍可呼吸的恩典For The Grace That Keeps Us Breathing Today

(Original in Mandarin)
For the grace that keeps us breathing today, let us smile, let us cry.

That day during the workshop. Our hearts felt strangely heavy. We were silent for a few minutes, as everyone was prayed for the 239 passengers and their families, who were strangers to us. Losing a loved one leaves a person with scar and pain that is difficult to heal.

It is understandable that the feelings of anxiety, turmoil and confusion are unbearable. Each person\’s ability to handle anxiety is different. Some families may not be able to take the pressure causing them to panic and breakdown. The overwhelming grief displayed by the families when they first received the news that the airplane most likely had crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean is expected. That is the expected first reaction of family members when faced with a major trauma like this. It would take time for them to come to terms with what has happened. It is in this period that they need the most help and support.

When humans were created, we had a special ability placed inside of us, which is the ability to empathize. This ability helps us understand another person’s situation and experience their feelings. Today’s culture emphasizes empathy, but when a person is overly-empathetic, it may develop in to a dangerous emotional roller coaster ride. It may even cause them to become hostile towards the people around them.

With a little understanding, our community, our nation, our world could get along better. No matter which country a person is from, his life is as precious as everyone else’s.

Some people may have more time to stop and reflect on life. Allowing them to cherish the things and people around them, and not taking their lives for granted. For the grace that keeps us breathing today, let us smile, let us cry, let us thank our Creator.为着今天仍可呼吸的恩典,咧嘴而笑,流泪而哭