President’s Speech

Lee Kok Hwee
Chairman of the Board

Raising the Young & Nation Building

Dear friends, partners and collaborators of Eden,

The ethos, culture and environment to which our young grow up with are the most critical factors that influence their development; his or her perspectives of life are seen through these eyes. As we have witnessed the impact of the voices of the young in the recent general election, they not only long to be heard but they want to participate actively in the process of nation building.

Community health and maturity requires intentional leadership in the preparation of the young. Eden has been involved in this process since its inception 12 years ago. The core ethos is value based and through service in schools and community levels, the young are exposed and taught leadership.

Eden’s intentional quest in capacity building seeks to help the young realize their potential and discover their uniqueness. Empowered and confident, the young equipped with their professional training will move into their respective spheres to engage in nation building.

Eden is honored and is privileged to work alongside you, our partners in the community of Kluang. You have spurred us into greater heights and engagement with the community through our various events.

Together we can make the difference not only in the lives of the young but also the life of the community and also the nation. We ask that you would come along side us on this journey and give us your help and support.