Director’s Speech

Paul Tam
Director of Eden Community Services Center

An Invitation to Walk with the Youths

To Kluang and all who care about the Kluang community,

With the globalization of politics, economy, education and even culture, the younger generation of Malaysians face even more difficult challenges. How can youths look for a support system to help them go against the flow in an era where the usage of internet is vigorous, where they face high levels of stress in school, where bonds between family members are weak and the like? How do we breakthrough communication barriers, emotion management problems, running away from problems and the like, and let them build a healthy self-image?

A series of research and statistics has caused us wonder:

  • Why are more teenagers involved in self-harm?
  • Why do teenagers feel unhappy at home, causing them to return late at night and even running away from home?
  • Why are suicide cases among teenagers on the rise?
  • Why are more teenagers becoming depressed?
  • Why are teenagers smoking, drinking, taking drugs and clubbing at a even younger age?
  • Why are some youths able to stay positive through adversity, while others react negatively, even though come from the same difficult environment, live in the same area, study in the same school and even from the same family?

Every youth possesses unlimited potential, but their future is being destroyed by sugar-coated traps. The only way to release their potential is to remove the haze around them. For this reason, we try our very best to plan various activities, to encourage the youths to grow in life and develop their character. Letting them discover themselves through different experiences.