Building our young to build our community.

Founded in May 2000, Eden Welfare Charity Society (EDEN) is a registered non-profit organization with a clear vision to care for the needy and disadvantaged in the community, particularly the youth.

Statistics 13 years of walking with the youth 106,019 participants 93059 seminar participants 4626 changed lives 1162 students participated in Youth Leadership Camp 统计数据 与青少年同行13年 106,019 个参与者 93059 个人参加益人主办之课程与讲座 4626 个生命被改变 1162位学生参加了领袖突破营

Lee Kok Hwee

Excerpt from President’s Speech

The ethos, culture and environment to which our young grow up with are the most critical factors that influence their development; his or her perspectives of life are seen through these eyes. As we have witnessed the impact of the voices of the young in the recent general election, they not only long to be heard but they want to participate actively in the process of nation building.

Together we can make the difference not only in the lives of the young but also the life of the community and also the nation. We ask that you would come along side us on this journey and give us your help and support.

In order to achieve our vision, Eden has made available a variety of programs, initiatives and services to enrich the community as well as to involve them in building the community. Here is the list of the major programs and services offered by Eden:

Youth & Community Service
Eden Youth Volunteers Club
Kelab Sukarelawan Belia Eden Kluang
Seminars & Workshops

Leadership Training Programs
Goodbye Primary, Hello Secondary
Youth Leadership Camp

Counseling Services
Parenting Seminar
Pre-marriage Education Program
Personal Counseling

Literacy Program
Hope Education Program

Enrichment Programs
Sport Programs, Music & Art Class

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Every youth possesses unlimited potential.

Paul Tam
Director of Eden Community Services Center

Excerpt from Director’s Speech

Every youth possesses unlimited potential, but their future is being destroyed by sugar-coated traps. The only way to release their potential is to remove the haze around them. For this reason, we try our very best to plan various activities, to encourage the youths to grow in life and develop their character. Letting them discover themselves through different experiences.

Like what we do? Here are some ways you can get involved:


Join a workshop. Help a child. Take part in a community project. Together we make a difference.
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Give your time. Make a donation. You can make your community better by paying it forward.
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Engage the community. Utilize our facilities and resources to impact society in your own unique way.
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Share our initiatives with friends and family. Share your ideas, suggestions and feedback with us.
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Together we can make the difference not only in the lives of the young but also the life of the community and also the nation.

~ Lee Kok Hwee, Chairman of the Board

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